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Valerie is the girl Dave starts dating after high school who he eventually moves in with. She is his last romantic interest in the Kick-Ass series.


Not much is known about Valerie's past. She is from Ohio and was aware of the public Kick-Ass persona prior to meeting Dave as she recognises the costume when they first meet. She had polio when she was 12 and it left her right ear deaf.

Valerie claims that she had a stronger relationship with her father prior to her mother’s death.


She is a Caucasian female with green eyes and short red hair cut down to her shoulders. She dresses casually like any other normal girl. She is apparently close to Dave's age, seeing as how the two are dating. Her most noticeable feature is that she has a hearing aid in her right ear.


Not much is known about Valerie's past, but she seems to be okay with Kick-Ass, as well as she knows the identity of Kick-Ass being Dave.

She works as a nurse and is shown to be a compassionate and caring person. She admires Dave wanting to help people via Kick-Ass but also cares about his well-being and is worried for his safety. Valerie and Dave’s relationship is seemingly very involved and affectionate. She has a light-hearted personality and is comfortable around people. She has also expressed feminist views through her support of female fantasy writers.

Over the course of Kick-Ass Vol 3, Valerie starts to believe that Hit-Girl influences Dave to engage in unnecessary violence.


Dave and Valerie bond over their shared interest in Ray Harryhausen films. She had revealed to Dave that she has a strong interest in fantasy franchises and tales, including Harry Potter, and owns a vast collection of fantasy busts.

Relationship with Dave[]

Evolution into a Relationship[]

Valerie meets Dave when she drives into an alleyway where a gang is beating him, causing the gang to run away. Dave is at first cautious about her due to her inquisitive nature but they quickly develop a strong connection.

Impact on Kick-Ass’ Duties[]

Dave’s frequent sex with Valerie leads to him missing Justice Forever commitments and spending less time with Ass-Kicker (which causes his relationship with Ass-Kicker to deteriorate). Ass-Kicker is shown to really dislike the situation and Valerie.

Impact on Dave’s Personality and Thoughts[]

Dave confesses to her that his obsession with superheroes could have been a result of grief and he feels the excitement he was trying to create with Kick-Ass when he is with her. He states he really enjoys the normalcy of her and her friends. He appreciates both doing normal activities with Valerie, and having the confidence he gained from being Kick-Ass.

At the end of Kick-Ass Vol 3, Dave promises her that he will stop being Kick-Ass because he doesn’t want to lose the life he has with her.


  • Due to the size and appearance of her hearing aid in high school, her nickname was “The Borg”.