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The Toxic Mega Cunts
General Information
Official name: The Toxic Mega Cunts
Founder(s): The Orange Mist Deceased
Leader(s): The Orange Mist Deceased
Status: Disbanded
Base of Operations: New York City

The Toxic Mega Cunts are a team of super-villains lead by The Orange Mist . After Frank D'Amico's death, his son created a super-villain team, vowing revenge against Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl.


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  • Like in the comics, their hideout is an abandoned building and an inside bar and lair for the gang. Also, many of heavy weapons and the lair much larger than the comics. 
  • They are based on their comic book counterparts and the gang forming this alliance is simlar to the DC Comic's Leigion of Doom
  • All of members of the gang color scheme are mostly red/black similar to their leader original costume in the first film as seen in the trailers. Few of the members wearing skull-like masks like Black Death and most of them ressembles ninjas, WWI soliders, punk-rockers and skull-like bandanas. Unlike the comics, they are only shown in red and black color schemes
  • Most of the gang wear the Toxic Mega Cunt's symbol as their leader does and the few others don't. Like the Transformers's Decepticons, both wearing the symbol of their faction and following the leader's cause. 
  • None of the members got to choose their own names, instead Chris picked their names for them.