The Lair

The secret lair for the Toxic Mega-Cunts

The Mother Fucker and his gang's secret headquarters.


The lair was built after destorying the Justice Forever headquarters and they hang out here a lot, mostly putting up new stuff for their lair.


Like in the comics, their lair is located in New York City at a secret building and bears the gang's color and symbol. It's located at an abandoned building and displays their flag outside their enterance.


The Toxic Mega-Cunts symbol


  • Their lair resembles a Daredevil-like face skull and respent the gang's symbols.
  • It's possible that the new recruits are welcome to join the gang or risk getting eaten by Mother Fucker's pet shark.
  • The shark is a reference to old fashioned villain gag of dropping people into water tanks to get eaten by aquatic, carnivorous creatures.