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The Juicer
General Information
First Appearance: Kick-Ass 3 #1
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
Affiliations: Justice Forever

"I got myself in a little debt and living here means I can save some dough. I'm sorry I'm not a big-shot like Bruce Wayne or whatever, but we can't all be billionare playboys in real life."
―The Juicer[src]

The Juicer is the newest and laziest member to the Justice Forever.


He moved into Hit-Girl's secret headquarters after her arrest. He claims to be saving money after moving into their headquarters, and sits around playing video games all day. Dave and Todd do not approach his couch potato demeanor expressing Hit-Girl would be angry at him disrespecting her father's secret headquarters. He is dating a woman named Claire who drives Hit-Girl's car. The Juicer refuses to aid Kick-Ass and the other heroes in planning Hit-Girl's rescue.  

The Juicer armed with tazer gloves

Without any prior consultation of the Justice Forever team members, the Juicer instead attempts to recruit new superheroes in an attempt to fill the team roster with his handpicked allies. When Kick-Ass & the rest of the team return from the mission Kick-Ass gets mad at the Juicer for not helping at all with the mission & for holding auditions but when Kick-Ass see's the Juicers painting of him & the other heroes (minus Kick-Ass) Kick-Ass tells him to get out of the HQ and that he has had enough of his laziness, but when he asks the Juicer if his backpack even works, Juicer turns it on and his whole body is covered in electricity. Kick-Ass still tells him to get out but before he leaves he tells everyone that Kick-Ass has just created his own Magneto, he then leaves with his girlfriend Claire. He was later killed by the new vigilante team Skull and Bones, after Rocco ordered them to kill anyone found in a superhero costume.


Lazy, rude and boastful, he bought Hit-Girl's headquarters and admits it. He hardly helps the Justice Forever team, and only aids them through radio messages on his bluetooth devices. But, he's actually smart enough to build his electricial power source for his tazer gloves and design his own costume.   

The Juicer's Power


  • The Juicer is the Tony Stark of the Kick-Ass series. But, his powers are similar to Marvel's Shocker and both are equipped with electrical based weapons.
  • His superhero name is thought to come from the beverages he drinks. But, his alias is based on his tazer-armed gloves and it produces 240 volts of energy. 
  • The Civil War caused by his leaving is a reference to the Marvel Civil War, between Iron Man and Captain America, which had been caused by the SuperHuman Registration Act.