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General Information
Real name: Stewart (assumed)
Aliases: Huge Goon
Alignment: Bad
Portrayed by: Stu Riley
Appearances: Kick-Ass
"Fuck this shit! I'm getting the Bazooka!"
"I always wanted to say this. Say hello to my little friend!"
―Stu about to attack Hit-Girl with Big Daddy's stolen bazooka. Also, his last words before getting shot to death by Kick-Ass[src]

Stu is a tall, large African-American man and the bodyguard of mob kingpin Frank D'Amico. He is also the bodyguard of D'Amico's son Chris.



Stu serves as the bodyguard of both Frank and Chris D'Amico, and is also the former's limousine driver.

Despite being Chris' bodyguard, his intimidating behaviour often scares away other teenagers who try to befriend Chris, depriving him of any chance to make friends, which causes him to resent Stu.

When Chris disguises himself as a crime-fighter named Red Mist and tricks the superhero Kick-Ass into taking him to the safehouse of vigilantes Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, Stu and a group of thugs follow them there and ambush the heroes, with Chris shooting Hit-Girl, and the thugs capturing both Big Daddy and Kick-Ass. Before leaving the safehouse, he steals one of Big Daddy's weapons: a bazooka.

During Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass' assault on D'Amico's headquarters, Stu attempts to kill Hit-Girl with the bazooka that he stole from Big Daddy's safehouse. However, he is killed along with the remaining goons when Kick-Ass shoots them dead with gatling guns.



  • Canon (1 film)


  • Although simply credited as "Huge Goon" during the end credits, he is referred to as "Stu" by Frank D'Amico in the film.