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General Information
Real name: Sophia
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
Affiliations: Justice Forever

Sophia (also spelled Sofia) is a German Shepherd belonging to Sal Bertolinni, and a member of Justice Forever.

She was killed and decapitated by members of the Mother Fucker's team in an attack on Justice Forever's headquarters.

Kick-Ass 2[]

In Kick-Ass 2 the film, she was renamed Eisenhower. She is seen aiding her owner throughout their vigilante activities and is most notably shown attacking a Chinese criminal's genitals. She is then seen when The Mother Fucker's crew comes to the hideout and kills Colonel Stars and Stripes, as she is spared by Mother Fucker's team, as The Mother Fucker states that he isn't that evil.



  • In a Deleted Scene, it is revealed that her secret identity name is actually Sophia, and that Eisenhower is actually her superhero name.
  • In a Deleted Scene, Night Bitch calls for Eisenhower/Sophia to break the standoff between Mother-Fucker and Kick-Ass.  Eisenhower does this with his groin chomp right before Kick-Ass goes for the punch.
  • Eisenhower is trained to attack on the command "Schwanz" which is German for cock which she bites on command