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A hero with the abillity to soar like a bird. He appeared in Kick-Ass 3 Issue #4.

Skybird & friends


Skybird built his suit after getting the idea from the glider suits from Transformers 3 as he explains to The Juicer, hence his name "Skybird". He and his friends wanted to audition to be like Kick-Ass and the other members of Justice Forever. Skybird confirms his suit will let him fly and needs six months to built his light-

Skybird at Justice Forever Headquaters

weight engine to power his suit's flight abillity. The Juicer denied his request and his chance to join the team, Juicer considered him as useless as a bird with wings who can't fly yet. 

In Issue 8, three months after Kick-Ass's retirement, Skybird finally built the flight engine for his suit and proving his worth as the hero of the city. Unlike Flying Man he could actually fly and became the first real-life flying superhero. Dave caught wind about Skybird's success of his ability and inspired him to be a hero.


  • Skybird is the third hero with power of flight, the first is Flying Guy and the second is Rocket-Man. Also, he is the second hero with the word bird in his name. The first being Moon Bird
  • Skybird is based on the Blue Falcon, Marvel's The Falcon's flight suit and his helmet is similar Marvel's Cyclops.
  • He is the first hero to built an actual flight suit. Also, he is a solo superhero thanks to The Juicer's criticism.
  • Due to his suit granting him the power of flight, he is technically the first superhero in the main Kick-Ass series to have an actual superpower (albeit one granted by technology).