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A regular guy from the Long Island of New York City, searching to help his fellow citizens. When hearing that Kick-Ass joined a group called "Justice Forever", he goes as his alter ego "Rocket-Man".

Rocket-Man behind Kick-Ass


As Justice Forever starts recruiting more members to their cause, Rocket-Man is made a honorary member to the team. After the Toxic Mega Cunts attack on Night Bitch, he was arrested and later released from jail with a warning like the other vigilantes. He later joined the fight against the Toxic Mega Cunts led by Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl.  


  • He is based on his comic counterpart.
  • Unlike his comic counterpart, he has a silver costume instead of a reddish brown one, and he wears a mask with a silver crash helmet.
  • He also has a 'Jet Pack' made out of metal, instead of balsa wood.