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Remembering Tommy is a crime-fighting duo consisting of a husband and wife.


Seven years previously, they lost their son to a kidnapping. This was made doubly painful by the circumstances in which it happened. The father went into the store and left his son outside to look after the dog. He expressed repeatedly that the dog was valuable so his son should make sure not to let him escape. However, when the father returned from the store, it was his son that had been taken, and the dog remained.

Following inspiration from the rise in superheroes, the couple became "Remembering Tommy" and began fighting crime in an attempt to raise awareness to their trauma. They were then invited to join Justice Forever by Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes. Both apparently work at a fruit shop and it was their work duties that stopped them participating in the teams first mission.

Skills and Abilities[]

  • They trained with Justice Forever. They have some combat skills.


  • The Husband's outfit slightly resembles Thor from Marvel Comics. Presumably, the couple modeled themselves after superheroes their child idolized.
  • In the film Kick-Ass 2, their costumes are very different from their comic counterparts. In the film, they wear matching outfits, which include a T-shirt with their son on it and a number to call. This could be dangerous in keeping their identity secret.