The sadistic Uncle of Chris D'Amico, aka (Red Mist/The Motherfucker)


Ralph didn't like hearing that his nephew is taking over the city as a "super-villain" with his own army. He requested Chris and Javier to visit him in prison for a talk. But, he just wanted Chris out of his way. He then signaled his thug to kill Javier while letting Chris listen to his friend die on Ralph's cellphone. He tells Chris that he'll handle the family business and he should go to college, believing he scared his nephew straight and is no longer a issue. But, Chris lied to his uncle and igniting him to finally form and unleash the Toxic Mega Cunts upon the world.


  • He is the only member of Chris's family to kill a friend to D'Amico to threaten his nephew out the family business.
  • Ralph is possibly the most ruthless character in the film series as he is even more cold-blooded than his brother, Frank D'Amico.
  • In Kick-Ass 2, he is portrayed by Iain Glen.