Mr. Bitey
Mr. Bitey
General Information
Characteristics: Disobedient, Soft and Furry
Portrayed by: N/A
Appearances: Kick-Ass (2010)
"Fuck you Mr. Bitey!"
―Dave Lizewski to Mr. Bitey

Mr. Bitey was a missing cat that made an appearance in Kick-Ass (2010). Kick-Ass was looking for him in the streets of New York, eventually finding him at a Dip N' Sip Donut diner


The mysterious Mr. Bitey remains one of the enigmas of the first Kick-Ass movie. Mr. Bitey, presumably given that name by his unknown human owners, appears to have left his distraught human owners causing them to place 'Have You Seen Mr. Bitey' posters across New York. Whilst on patrol Kick-Ass finds one of the posters and decides to question members of the public as to the whereabouts of this infamous cat. After no luck, Kick-Ass eventually hears the meows of a cat emanating from a billboard gantry outside the Dip'n'Sip Donuts parking lot. Climbing the billboard, Kick-Ass attempts to confront the cat, only to receive a meow as Mr Bitey turns his back on him. Frustrated, Kick-Ass loses his grip (and his temper) and prior to falling from the gantry, delivers the iconically quotable line, "Fuck you, Mr. Bitey!" This fall indirectly leads Kick-Ass to his successful encounter with the thugs outside the donut store and his subsequent YouTube fame as the world's first real life superhero. Therefore, Mr. Bitey is directly responsible for Kick-Ass' fame, but despite this, the two are forever linked as arch enemies in Kick-Ass folklore. Presumably created for the movie by screenwriter Jane Goldman (an early draft of the script has Kick-Ass attempt to rescue Mr. Bitey from a tree), it is however believed (maybe as an urban myth) that Mr. Bitey is hidden somewhere in a panel in the first Kick-Ass graphic novel. As for Mr. Bitey's rumored cameo in Kick-Ass2, eagle-eyed viewers have yet to confirm or deny his appearance, although it is believed that he appears somewhere in the movie. One thing for sure is that whenever Kick-Ass patrols the seedy alleys of New York, you can be sure that Mr. Bitey is watching. Perhaps Kick-Ass and Mr. Bitey are forever bound to each other through some mysterious connection and that should one die then the other will die at the same time!