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General Information
Alignment: Bad
Affiliation: Rasul Gang
Portrayed by: Katrena Rochell
Status: Deceased
Appearances: Kick-Ass
"I'm Rasul, can't you tell by my big titties?"


Maya appears in Kick-Ass when the protagonist of the same name to warn Rasul to stay away from Katie Deauxma. When Kick-Ass asks for Rasul, she responds with, "I'm Rasul, can't you tell by my big titties?" and rubs her boobs, turning Kick-Ass's eyes huge for a second. She is eventually killed by Hit Girl's twin blade staff.


Maya only appears in Kick-Ass. She was killed by Hit Girl when she rescued Kick-Ass and killed Rasul, and his gang members.


  • She has arousingly large boobs that distracted Kick Ass for a moment.
  • Hit Girl stabs her twice off-screen.
  • She was the only female member of the gang, at least in the room. She is also the only member with an accent that was there at the time.