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Marcus Williams
General Information
Real name: Marcus Williams
First Appearance: Kick-Ass #8 - March, 2010
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
Affiliations: New York Police Department
Portrayed by: Omari Hardwick

Morris Chestnut

Marcus Williams is a detective for the New York Police Department and Mindy Macready's stepfather.


He was an investigating officer into the kidnapping of Mindy, eventually marrying Mindy's mother. After Mindy returns home, he's suspicious of her, knowing that she's Hit-Girl and is strictly against it. He is later threatened by Ralphie Genoverse, and is targeted by him for assasination. However, Hit-Girl kills the hit team and wipes out Ralphie Genoverse. Marcus takes credit for the death of the hit squad. When Mindy was arrested during the riot in Times Square, Marcus revealed that she was his stepdaughter. Enraged, Vic ordered that Marcus be taken into custody for obstruction.

It was revealed in Kick-Ass 3 that he was demoted to working at the courthouse.


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  • Marcus is an original character created exclusively for the film series. However, he was also eventually included in the comic book storyline, from the Kick-Ass 2 comics onwards.
  • Marcus Williams was one of the unnamed detectives who finds Mindy in Kick-Ass Vol 1.