Kick-Ass 2 #1
KickAss2 Issue1
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Series: Kick-Ass Vol 2
First Published: December, 2010
Previous Issue: Hit-Girl
Next Issue: Kick-Ass 2 #2


"Previously: Dave Lizewski always wanted to be a superhero. Now he is one."

At the YMCA, Mindy McCready trains Kick-Ass, who fails to land a single punch against her and gets thrown into a stack of folding chairs; he complains about the beating, but resolves to continue, moving on to "group work" "against three grown men" where he manages to hold his own. Outside, Mindy's step-father Marcus spots the two when they exit the facility.

At the Williams residence, Mindy returns home, claiming to have been at school even as Marcus accuses her of "training Kick-Ass all day long"; Mindy denies it, but Marcus reveals that he discovered the secret stash of weapons in her play room. Marcus grounds Mindy, but agrees not to tell her mother if Mindy promises "to lose touch with all these online superheroes." Mindy promises.

Dave considers Mindy's return to her mother and stepfather, and considers that if he'd been content to be "normal, someone [he] loved would never have been brain-damaged...[his] secret identity would never have been exposed or [his] house blown up," and "the big fight in Times Square with Red Mist and his guys would never have happened."

Months earlier, following the successful assault on John Genovese's crew, Dave returned to his "crap life"; his father got dumped by Lucille, and Dave joined a "prayer group to meet some girl" while continuing to pine for Katie Deauxma despite the fact that "she absolutely hated" him. He discusses superhero movies with Marty and Todd, and continues to patrol the streets of New York at night as Kick-Ass.

One night, while on a team-up with Doctor Gravity, he is approached by a pair of men who attack him on the street with pipes, but manages to subdue them. Moments later, half-a-dozen more men chase after them, causing the heroes to flee the scene.

In an alley, Kick-Ass exchanges text-messages with Mindy as she attends Debbie Foreman's birthday party, trying to convince her to join a super-team with him, but she refuses, citing the promise she made to Marcus. At eight o'clock, Kick-Ass is surprised when a small elevator in the alley lowers, allowing him into "an underground headquarters" where he discovers seven more heroes calling themselves Justice Forever.


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  • Kick-Ass's batons
  • Doctor Gravity's gravity pole