Kick-Ass Vol 1 #6
Kick-Ass Vol 1 6
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Series: Kick-Ass Vol 1
First Published: December, 2008
Previous Issue: Kick-Ass #5
Next Issue: Kick-Ass #7
"Ex-cop? I knew he would be something cool. This guy was Frank fucking Castle."
―Dave Lizewski[src]


"Previously: Dave Lizewski wasn't the class jock or the class geek. He wasn't the class clown or class genius or class anything...but he was a comic book fan. One day, he put on a superhero costume—and now he's a real superhero. Dave learned he isn't the only "hero" out there. As he teams up with his pot-smoking friend, the Red Mist, Dave discovers not all superheroes are created equal..."

From the pages of her diary, Mindy McCready, who will become the costumed vigilante Hit-Girl, recalls the day she learned to take a bullet when her father shoots her in the chest while she wears a Kevlar vest. She goes on to describe her childhood, being trained by her father in the use of various weapons and fighting styles. She later executes an ambush on a restaurant, killing four mobsters before Big Daddy shoots a fifth man with a sniper-rifle, all while correctly answering a series of questions. She describes a life of constant moving and new identities.

When Kick-Ass and Red Mist make headlines for their "blaze rescue," Mindy suggests creating "a super-team" in order to execute their planned "raid on Genovese's penthouse." Her father agrees to "think about it."

At Dave's apartment, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl confront Dave, having followed him home, and explain that Big Daddy was once "a good cop in a bad city and all the bad guys hated him because they couldn't pay him off. So they killed his wife and tried to kill him, but he escaped with his little baby and plotted his revenge." They instruct Dave to meet them on Saturday night to take down "the boss of bosses," and threaten to expose his true identity if he refuses before leaving.

Dave quickly finds himself entirely bored with his friends and his ordinary life. While patrolling the streets one night, Kick-Ass describes his interaction with Big Daddy and Hit-Girl to Red Mist, who assures Kick-Ass that his identity is safe because Big Daddy and Hit-Girl are "still superheroes." Later, Dave visits Katie Deauxma's apartment and screams from the alley that he's "been Kick-Ass all along and [he's] not gay," though he flees before she can identity him.

At Big Daddy's secret headquarters, Mindy and her father prepare for their meeting with Kick-Ass and Red Mist. Later, Kick-Ass and Red Mist approach the abandoned warehouse, discussing their plans to create a superteam. Inside, they discover a dozen mobsters led by John Genovese, who has beaten Big Daddy severely; Big Daddy pleads for Kick-Ass to help him, but Red Mist pulls a gun on Kick-Ass, insisting that Dave "can't even help himself."


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