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Kick-Ass Vol 1 #4
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General Information
Series: Kick-Ass Vol 1
First Published: October, 2008
Previous Issue: Kick-Ass #3
Next Issue: Kick-Ass #5
"Where the hell are you going, asshole? Off to phone your lawyer? Hoping someone cares about your underprivileged childhood? Well, bad news, you sorry sack of shit... "


"Previously: Dave Lizewski wasn't the class jock or the class geek. He wasn't the class clown or class genius or class anything...but he was a comic book fan. One day, he put on a superhero costume—and got his ass kicked. That didn't stop him, though. The next time he put on the costume...he saved some guy's life. Then somebody put him on YouTube and people started to notice...and to ask for his help. But now Dave Lizewski has learned—he's not alone."

At the apartment of Eddie Lomas, the masked girl proceeds to single-handedly slaughter Lomas's entire crew while Kick-Ass watches from the floor. After killing all of Eddie's associates, the girl leaves the apartment through the fire escape and climbs to the roof, where Kick-Ass watches her leap onto the roof of a neighboring building; Hit-Girl reunites with a larger masked man called Big Daddy, who tells Dave to "fuck off" before the two rappel down the side of the building.

Dave returns home, fearing that he will be connected with the deaths of Lomas's crew, and helps his father create a personal ad to post on an online dating website. He later contacts Eddie's ex-girlfriend Lucille in order to assure her that he was not responsible for her ex-boyfriend's death; she doesn't believe him, but agrees that they "never even had this conversation." Dave later attempts to find Hit-Girl and Big Daddy, but instead discovers "a weird fetish subculture" of "bank clerks and checkout operators, doctors and lawyers all dressed up in spandex and swapping pictures on the Internet."

Dave continues the charade of being gay in order to spend time with Katie; his friends mock him for it at the comic book store, though he claims that the incident will turn out to be "a funny story about how they got together." They then spot Chris Genovese, son of "Italian mobster" John Genovese, buying comics.

At Johnny G's penthouse, Genovese examines photographs of Lomas's dead crew, and learns that Hit-Girl and Big Daddy have assassinated "twenty-two guys in the last six months." His men discuss the possibility of Kick-Ass's involvement, but conclude that Kick-Ass is "just some asshole" who "couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag," and Genovese orders his men to find and kill Hit-Girl and Big Daddy.

Meanwhile, at Flash-Hank's Junk Yard, Big Daddy interrogates one of Genovese's associates, Cheadle, getting names and addresses before Hit-Girl kills the man inside a car compactor.


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Other Characters:

  • Marv Lomas
  • Maya




  • At the comic book store, Chris purchases a copy of 1985, a miniseries written by Mark Millar.