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General Information
Real name: David Lizewski
Aliases: Kick-Ass
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: James Lizewski † (father)

Alice Lizewski † (mother)
Justice Forever (current leader)

Characteristics: Brave, Nerdy, Shy, Friendly, Caring, Smart
Portrayed by: Aaron Johnson
Status: Alive
Appearances: Kick-Ass
Kick-Ass 2

"When Mindy left, that's when I finally understood where my life was going. Just like it had to eventually happen, that real people would try to be superheroes. Eventually it had to end, too. Superheroes can't exist in the real world for a reason. It's because the real world needs real heroes. And not some punk in a wet-suit playing dress-up, but a genuine badass who can really kick ass."
―Dave Lizewski[src]

David "Dave" Lizewski is the teenage hero Kick-Ass. He is the main protagonist of Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2.

Dave tried his hand at being a hero, and received damaged nerve endings as a result. He gained popularity as a crimefighter, but he soon learned that he was not the first real superhero. Dave met Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, a crimefighting duo operating in New York City, and was offered the chance to join them, but he declined. After associating with the Red Mist, Dave discovers he is the son of crimelord Frank D'Amico, who orchestrates the death of Big Daddy. Dave teams up with Hit-Girl, Big Daddy's daughter, to stop the father and son. Dave saves Hit-Girl from Frank D'Amico by blowing him up with a bazooka, saving the day.

In his senior year of high school, Dave learns that he has inspired others to become heroes, too. He trains with Hit-Girl to become a new crimefighting duo, but when she begins living a normal life, Dave becomes a member of Justice Forever, providing community service in addition to fighting crime. However, the Red Mist returns as the Motherfucker, and kills their leader, Colonel Stars and Stripes. Dave also loses his father after the latter discovered he was Kick-Ass and turned himself in to protect his son, which led to his death. Dave teams up with Hit-Girl and the remaining members of Justice Forever to avenge the Colonel and his father, in which they are victorious. Afterwards, Dave says goodbye to Mindy as she leaves New York, while Dave continues to dedicate himself to being a real superhero.



Dave is inspired to become a superhero

Dave Lizewski is considered to be an ordinary New York City high school student and is the child of James Lizewski, a loving single father after Dave's mother suddenly died from an aneurysm. In his point of view, he is not good at sports, and is not the smartest, socially interactive person. His best friends are Todd Haynes and Marty Eisenberg. He has a crush on Katie Deuxma but she barely notices him.

Dave suiting up as a superhero

He has a great interest in comic books and superheroes, but he wonders why no one wants to be a superhero. He takes his interest in comic books as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. When he decides to fight crime, he purchases a costume from eBay, wields two batons, and calls himself "Kick-Ass". In his first attempt at crime-fighting, he tries to stop two thugs from stealing a car, but is stabbed and subsequently ran over by a car. Dave is taken to a hospital and undergoes intense physical rehabilitation. Metal plates are placed all over his body and his nerve endings now delay reactions to injuries, making him almost immune to physical pain. Rumors begin to spread around at Dave's school that he is gay due to "being found naked in an alley after being mugged", and Katie, believing the rumors, becomes sympathetic towards Dave and strikes up a friendship with him.

Dave updating Kick-Ass' Myspace account

While attempting to rescue a missing cat named Mr. Bitey, Kick-Ass gets caught up in a gang-related attack involving three thugs viciously beating up one man. He uses his new-found ability to resist any form of pain to his advantage and fights off the gang, saving the injured man's life. His actions are recorded by a bystander and placed on YouTube, and Kick-Ass quickly becomes both an internet and national sensation.

Kick-Ass witnessing Hit-Girl kill Rasul

Dave and Katie become closer and Dave reluctantly decides to go along with the rumor that he is gay in order to spend time with Katie. After learning from Katie that her abusive ex-boyfriend Rasul, a petty drug dealer, is continuously harassing her, Dave convinces her to leave Kick-Ass a message on his website to deal with Rasul personally. Kick-Ass goes to confront Rasul at his apartment to warn him off Katie. Rasul challenges Kick-Ass to stop him. Kick-Ass shoots Rasul with a taser, but is quickly overpowered by Rasul's thugs. Rasul grabs a knife and is about to kill Kick-Ass when he is suddenly impaled on a spear from behind by Hit-Girl, another costumed vigilante, who proceeds to fight and kill Rasul's thugs and steal his money. After introducing herself to Kick-Ass, she prepares to depart with her father and crime-fighting partner Big Daddy. She wants Kick-Ass to escape with them, but he is too afraid to risk his life by jumping from one rooftop to another. Disappointed, they leave without him.

Dave confronted by Hit-Girl and Big Daddy

Dave returns home, feeling inferior compared to Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, and falls asleep, but later in the night, he is confronted by the duo, who, having discovered his identity after tracing his IP.

Kick-Ass about to meet Red Mist

Dave becomes jealous when a new costumed hero called ‎Red Mist makes a name for himself as a crime-fighter. He agrees to meet him, and the two come to respect each other. Red Mist takes Kick-Ass for a ride in the Mist mobile, and the two arrive at a burning warehouse. The two search the place for survivors but everyone inside has already been killed. They escape just as the warehouse explodes. Feeling overwhelmed by the seriousness of his situation, Dave decides to give up being Kick-Ass, but first, he decides to visit Katie under his Kick-Ass persona, revealing himself to her as Kick-Ass, and confesses that he is not gay. He apologizes and expresses his affection for her. Katie is initially hurt, but realizes she loves him and the two become romantically involved.

Dave receives a long list of messages from Red Mist on his website, requesting another meeting. The two meet again, and Red Mist claims that the dead men from the burned down warehouse "had some motherfuckers for friends" who believe he and Kick-Ass killed them, and are after both of them. Kick-Ass agrees to contact Big Daddy and Hit-Girl for aid. The four meet at one of Big Daddy's safehouses, but Red Mist, who in reality is the son of mob kingpin Frank D'Amico, and merely posed as a superhero in order to lure out the vigilantes responsible for killing his father's henchmen and drug dealers, reveals himself to be a traitor when he repeatedly shoots Hit-Girl until she falls out of a window to her apparent death. A group of goons then raid the safehouse and capture both Kick-Ass and Big Daddy. D'Amico arranges for both Kick-Ass and Big Daddy to be executed on national television and later the internet as a message to the public that "being a superhero is bad for your health". The two are bound to chairs and tortured. The goons are about to set them both on fire when Hit-Girl (who survived due to wearing a bulletproof vest) appears and kills them all, but fails to stop one of the goons from burning her father alive, resulting in his death.

Dave and Hit-Girl preparing their assault

After making their escape, Dave offers to let Hit-Girl stay at his house, but she is determined to avenge her father and finish what they started; to bring down D'Amico's operation and take revenge for the death of her mother, who had commited suicide out of grief after Big Daddy (during his days as a police officer) was framed as a drug dealer by D'Amico after rejecting the crimelord's offer to work for him. She decides to give Kick-Ass a chance to atone for his inadvertent role in her father's death by helping her gain vengeance, and she gives him instructions on how to use a jetpack, combined with two gatling guns. With new-found confidence, Dave readies himself for the upcoming battle.

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl confronting D'Amico

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl launch an assault on D'Amico's headquarters, fighting their way through the gangster's henchmen. They come face-to-face with Red Mist and D'Amico himself. Kick-Ass fights Red Mist while Hit-Girl takes on D'Amico. During his brawl with Red Mist, the two knock each other unconscious at the same time. Kick-Ass soon recovers and grabs Big Daddy's bazooka, which had been stolen during the raid on Big Daddy's safehouse. He prevents D'Amico from killing Hit-Girl by blasting him out of his office window with the bazooka which explodes in mid-air instantly killing D'Amico. Kick-Ass lifts a wounded Hit-Girl in his arms and escapes on the jetpack. Kick-Ass reveals his true identity to Hit-Girl, although she already knows his real name having traced his IP address previously. Accepting him as a friend, Hit-Girl reveals her own true identity to Dave as Mindy Macready, and the two shake hands.

Dave and Mindy retire from crime-fighting and try to lead normal lives. Dave is trustful of the new superheroes inspired by Kick-Ass who have taken a stand against crime.

Kick-Ass 2[]

After the events in the first film Dave hung up his costume and went back being a normal teenager, saying that being a superhero was way too dangerous. Dave was now a senior but he still didn't know what he wanted to do with his life and was dying of boredom.

While watching the news, Dave sees other real life superheroes being interview saying that Kick-Ass inspired them to become heroes. That same night, Dave decided to get his old suit out and become Kick-Ass again but Dave knew that he was going to need some training before he could go back on the streets.

Dave asking Mindy to fight crime together

The next day at school Dave catches up with Mindy who was just about to skip school, the two hop into the taxi cab were Dave begs Mindy to train him. Mindy at first refuses but Mindy then agrees to train him once Dave says he would do anything she says. Dave's training began right away with him going through some harsh training exercises, his training included hand-to-hand combat, pull ups ( which he could barely do) wrestling and weapon disarming. As the days went on Dave started to improve on his training exercises, learning how to fight without his weapons, do pull ups (without Mindy's assistance) and gaining some real muscle.

Dave with Mindy

After a while Mindy decided it was time for Dave's first field test so the two met up in an alley were Mindy gave Dave some new clothes to wear and told him to go fishing. Once dressed Dave walked down the street wearing expensive clothing, Mindy stayed in contact with him through an earpiece. It wasn't long before Dave got the attention of some thugs who began to follow him, Mindy ordered Dave to walk into an alley wear the thug surrounded him. The leader of the gang pulled out a knife and told Dave to hand over his bag and at that very moment Dave swung the bags to hit two thugs and began fighting. Dave was able to beat each thug on his own until he was knocked onto the ground, the thugs began kicking Dave until Mindy showed up in her Hit Girl outfit. Mindy easily defeated each thug with her nun chucks and double bladed sword, after the fight Dave angrily confronts her saying that she almost got him killed but the conversation is cut short when a cop arrives at the scene. Dave tells Mindy to run while he deals with the cop.

Dave speaking with Mindy

The next day, Dave waits for Mindy outside the school but she's a no show, Dave catches up with her in the hallway were she apologizes to him for everything that has happen. Dave tells her not to worry about it and that they should skip school and continue training, but Mindy reveals that she is done being Hit Girl shocking Dave. He tries to convince Mindy not to quit and their conversation gets so loud that everyone in the hall wall hears them and assume that Mindy is breaking up with Dave. Marty, Todd and Katie also hear their conversation and once Mindy leaves Katie approaches Dave and breaks up with, thinking that he has been cheating on her with Mindy.

Dave resumes his patrol

Later that day, Dave decided to hit the streets as Kick-Ass but he still felt lonely so at night Dave looks up a superhero on Facebook calling himself Doctor Gravity, the two later meet up and patrol the streets together. The two heroes get to know each and while approaching a store Doctor Gravity talks about a guy who is building a superhero team and asks Kick-Ass if he's interested, Dave of course says yes and then waits outside the store while Doctor Gravity goes inside to use the restroom.

As he is waiting Kick-Ass is approached by two guys, one who is recording him with a cell phone, Kick-Ass asks the men if they need help and out of nowhere one of the men pulls out a pipe and begins to attack Kick-Ass. Dave easily disarms the man and takes on both of the thugs.

Dave is able to handle both of the goons until he is knocked onto the ground and gets beaten on. One of the thugs prepares to smash Dave's face with the pipe until Doctor Gravity blocks his attack with his Zero G Device aka a Baseball bat wrapped in tinfoil, Together the two heroes are able to defeat the thugs but are force to retreat when the see them coming back with friends. Doctor Gravity tells Kick-Ass that theirs a team meeting tomorrow and that he will email him the address before the two part ways.

The next day, Kick-Ass is sitting in an alley texting Mindy, trying to convince her to attend the meeting but again Mindy says no. Suddenly the door behind Kick-Ass opens revealing a secret elevator with Doctor Gravity inside, once underground Dave follows Doctor Gravity were he leads him to Justice Forever's HQ and sees a group of heroes having a meeting.

Dave joins Justice Forever

Once settled in all the heroes introduce themselves the leader being Colonel Stars and Stripes, the Colonel's dog Eisenhower, the husband and wife duo Remembering Tommy, Insect Man, Night Bitch & Battle Guy but Dave realizes that Battle Guy is actually his best friend Marty who made up a fake origin story so he can be a part of Justice Forever. The Colonel forgives Battle Guy for lying and then leads the team into the meeting room which is full of gear, the colonel offers Kick-Ass a spot on the team in which Dave gladly accepts. The next couple of days Justice Forever begins to upgrade their hideout, train, patrol the streets and help those in need. At the same time, Dave develops a sexual relationship with Night Bitch.

At school, Dave tries to convince Mindy to sneak out and help the team on their first big mission but Mindy refuses again saying that she never breaks a promise. At night, Dave is on a rooftop with Marty were he lets out a battle cry, the two head down to street level once the rest of the team arrives.

The Colonel explains to the team that their mission is to shut down a whorehouse operation and to everyone's surprise the colonel knocks on the door. A huge guard opens the door and tells the team to fuck off and at that moment the colonel knocks the guard out with a few hits surprising the whole team. Before entering the building the colonel tells the team to have and once inside the colonel walks towards the thugs who are playing poker and smashes their table with his bat.

Kick-Ass & the rest of his team work together and are able to defeat all the thugs. The Colonel forces the gang leader to tell him where the girls are hidden by having Eisenhower bit him on the balls. Kick-Ass along with Night Bitch escort the girls out of the building and into a van that will take them to a shelter, the team then celebrates their victory in their van. With the mission being a success the team continued to patrol the streets and at the same time gained new members.

Dave felt bad for keeping Todd in the dark so he & Marty decided to tell him the truth and asked him to join justice forever but when Todd showed them his costume Dave & Marty couldn't help but laugh and make funny of him causing Todd to leave the room angry.

At night Dave gets a surprise visit from Mindy who is in tears, she tells him that the girls she was hanging out with are actually evil and mean, Dave cheers her up by telling her that she is a strong person and even without the mask she is still Hit Girl cause that's who she really is. When Mindy ask Dave on how she should get even he tells her to beat them at their own game by being herself.

After school Dave notices that his dad is home earlier and when he enters his room he sees his dad holding his Kick-Ass costume, his dad tells him that he was searching for drugs because he was worried about him but then says drugs would have been better. Dave tries to explain himself to his dad that what he is doing is not wrong but his dad tells him that superheroes are not real and that this is the real world that have real consequence. Dave angrily packs his things before storming off Dave tells his dad that his life has no meaning and when he's gone no one is going to notice.

Kick-Ass after the Colonel's assassination

Justice Forever has a meeting at a pizzeria were the team mourn the Colonel's death, a super-villain calling himself "The Motherfucker" trashed their hideout and had his team, the Toxic Mega Cunts, kill the Colonel. Kick-Ass wonders who this guy is and why he has a problem with them and that's when Marty checks his phone and says that they should start walking in pairs because the Motherfucker just tweeted that the colonel was just the beginning.

Dave suddenly notices that Night Bitch is missing and asks if anyone has seen her. After the Toxic Mega Cunts attack Night Bitches neighborhood the cops track down all the heroes by their IP address and they are to be arrested a brought in for questioning.

Dave realizes that his dad was right and that the real world had real consequences. At the hospital, Dave visits Night Bitch who is still recovering from her attack, Dave tells her that they’re going to get the guys who attacked her but Night Bitch says there's no point, they’re not real superheroes and she thinks it’s time for them to get back to the real world.

On the way home Dave decides that it’s time for him to make up with his dad but once he reaches his house he sees the cops walking out of his house with his dad and his Kick-Ass costume. Dave realizes that his dad told the cops that he was Kick-Ass in order to protect him, Dave tries to reach his dad but the cops prevent him and him his forced to watch the police drive away with his father.

Dave calls Mindy and ask her for help but she tells him that she is grounded and can't get involved. Dave visits his dad in jail where he tells him that he should have let him deal with the consequence, Dave tells his dad that there are people out there who want to kill Kick-Ass and that he's not safe but his dad tells him that he'll be out by tomorrow.

Before he leaves, Dave promises his dad that he will never wear his costume again. The next day Dave arrives home with Marty and while settling in Dave gets a text from Red Mist and when Dave opens the text he looks at his phone in horror and falls down in tears.

Marty picks up the phone to see a picture of Dave's father hung to death. A couple days later Mindy, Marcus and Justice Forever attend Mr.Lizewski's funeral, Dave thanks the team for attending.

When they bring up Chris, Dave tells them not to worry because he's not looking to get revenge and that he's never putting on his costume again. Insect Man tells that he can't quit cause he started all this but Dave says now he's ending it, Mindy walks towards Dave and she ask him if he blames her for not helping but Dave says that she was right and that if he gave up being a superhero like her his dad would still be alive and that he only blames himself.

The two friends embrace each other until Mindy spots the Toxic Mega Cunts who open fire on everyone. Mindy pushes Dave out of way from an incoming grenade resulting in her getting knocked out by the attack, The super-villains continue their attack and Dave tries to get up but the villains capture him and throw him into their van and drive off. The Toxic Mega Cunts give Dave his Kick-Ass costume and tell him to put it on but Dave refuses and just when the villains are about to torture him Mindy (who had climbed onto the van) rescues Dave and kills all the villain except for one.

Mindy interrogates the Tumor in a junkyard before Dave tells her that he can't do this right now and that it's his dad’s funeral. Mindy tells Dave that she knows what he's going through and that the pain hurts but she explains that maybe that's the real meaning of being a superhero, is taking that pain and turning it into something good. At that moment Dave takes in Mindy's words and agrees to put on his costume one last time.

The two learn from the Tumor that Chris is gathering an army of supervillains at his hideout and he plans on burning the city down with his homemade bombs. The Heroes return to Big Daddy's hideout and while Mindy informs Marcus Dave sends a message to all the other superheroes in New York that they need their help.

Dave preparing to suit up

As Dave prepares to suit up Mindy offers him a syringe containing adrenaline but Dave says it's not his style, Mindy explains to Dave that this isn't a comic book and that real people are going to die. Hit Girl says he needs to be prepared for anything and at that moment Dave looks at Big Daddy's costume and with a smile tells Mindy that he is.

Kick-Ass arriving with Hit-Girl

Kick-Ass now wearing Big Daddy's Armor and Hit Girl arrive at the Motherfucker's lair where he is giving a speech and that's when Dave calls Chris out, the Motherfucker simply laughs as he approaches the heroes saying that their idiots for showing up and outnumbered. Hit Girl tells Chris that they also brought their friends along, suddenly the doors open and an army of superheroes enter the warehouse.

Kick-Ass confronting Motherfucker

Kick-Ass and the Motherfucker stare at each other as both armies wait for battle, Dave and Chris mock each other until Kick-Ass walks up towards the Motherfucker saying that he's going to pay for murdering his dad angering the Motherfucker who walks up towards Kick-Ass and tells him that he blew his dad up with a bazooka.

Kick-Ass punching Motherfucker

The two teens stare at each other until Dave throws the first punch knocking Chris back and breaking his noise, with that the two armies charge towards each other starting the battle between Justice Forever & the Toxic Mega Cunts. As Dave fights his way through the villains he spots Chris making a run for it, he angrily calls out his name and then tackles him onto the ground but Chris is able to wiggle his way out and runs towards his table to grab Mother Russia's machete.

Kick-Ass is caught off-guard

Dave is able to easily counter all of Chris's attacks and land painful hits but before he can defeat Chris two villains appear and hold him down. Chris prepares to cut Dave open but Remembering Tommy arrive and defeat the two villains freeing Kick-Ass. Chris tries to make another run for it but this time on the top of his shark tank, Dave confronts him again and the two clash and after a brief struggle Dave overpowers Chris & disarms him. However another villain attacks Dave giving Chris enough time to escape, Dave knocks the villain out, jumps off the shark tank and follows Chris to the roof.

Kick-Ass fighting on the roof

Once Dave reaches the roof he sees that it’s completely empty but when he turns around Chris hits him across the face with a bucket. Dave falls onto the ground in a daze, Chris picks up the baton that Dave dropped and asks him “What is the point of wearing a mask if you can't do what you want?” Dave tells him that he wants to do good which angers Chris who begins to hit Dave with his own baton. Dave is able to kick Chris in the balls, giving him enough time to get back up on his feet. Kick-Ass stands tall and tells the Motherfucker that hit was for the Colonel. An angered Chris attacks Dave but Kick-Ass is able to dodge his attack and land a hit on his back to which he dedicates that hit to Night Bitch. Chris attacks again but Dave counters his attack and lands a blow right across his facing making Chris spit out blood, Dave dedicates that hit to his Dad. The two continue their fight until Dave finally disarms Chris and knocks him down onto the skylight, Kick-Ass stands victories over the Motherfucker until the skylight begins to crack.

Suddenly the skylight breaks and Chris begins to fall but Dave is quick on his feet and lunges over just in time to grab Chris' hand, saving him. As Dave holds onto his defeated foe, Chris ask him what he is doing & Dave tells him that he is saving his whiny ass. This deed angers Chris who says that he rather die than be saved by his father's killer. Dave can see that Chris still thinks that he's an actual supervillain who will return from the dead and come back another day to kill him.

Dave tries to bring Chris back down to earth by telling him that he doesn't live in a comic book and that in real life if you die it’s all over. Chris still not listening yells at Dave he made superheroes real & that he started everything, Chris vows to end all the heroes and tells Dave that he's immortal.

Chris finally forces Dave to lose his grip & falls, Kick-Ass watches in horror as Chris begins to fall to his death & at the same time Chris finally snaps back into reality and realizes that he's about to die. To Dave's surprise & refile Chris ends up landing into his own shark tank, the villain resurfaces unharmed & screaming with joy. Chris begins to apologize to Dave for everything that he did but there is suddenly movement in the tank and that's when Dave watches as Chris is dragged underwater by his shark (who everyone thought was dead).

Dave mourning Chris

Kick-Ass assumes Chris is dead when all his see is blood surfacing to the top of the tank. At the same time Justice Forever have beaten the Toxic Mega Cunts and make a citizen’s arrest. Dave removes his mask and wonders, did he really make the world a better place or did he just end something that all began when he first put on his mask. Hit Girl & the rest of the team join Kick-Ass on the roof & warn him that the police are on their way and that they have to go. Dave congratulates team on their victory and with Hit Girl decide to do one last victory shout.

Dave begins to upgrade his armor

Mindy gives Dave a ride home where she reveals that she's leaving New York. Dave tries to talk her in to staying but Mindy tells him that she's wanted for murder and that vigilantes don't get a free pass. Dave says that the people of New York still need her and when she says that they have him know, Dave tells her that he's not like her. Mindy tells him that you don't have to be a badass to be a superhero you just need to be brave. With that Mindy kisses Dave, which totally surprise him and she says that was her first kiss and then drives off.

Once Mindy left New York Dave finally realized were his life was going and why superheroes can't exist in the real world because the real world needed real heroes & not someone dressing up in a costume but a genuine badass who can really kick ass. Dave is later seen continuing his training and has now began to upgrade his costume.

Character traits[]

"You don't have to be a badass to be a superhero, Dave. You just have to be brave."
Mindy Macready to Dave Lizewski[src]

Dave Lizewski is a sixteen-year old comic book fan who, despite having no super-powers, minimal fighting ability, and no training of any kind, is inspired to become a real life superhero due to his desire to help others, and frustration that no one else has ever tried to become a superhero, as well as feeling boredom and emptiness in his life. He buys a scuba suit on eBay and patrols the street in search for crime. After an unsuccessful attempt at stopping two thugs from stealing a car, he is stabbed and run over, and spends a long period of time at the hospital where he has many operations, including having metal plates placed inside his head. Despite his unfortunate start at being a real life superhero, he decides to try again after leaving the hospital and recovering from his injuries. He eventually manages to successfully defend a man being attacked by a group of thugs. His actions are filmed and posted on YouTube and he becomes an overnight celebrity who eventually begins inspiring more people to do what he does.

Although Dave is somewhat naive and not particularly strong or athletic, he displays a great deal of courage and determination despite going through a huge amount of physical pain throughout the story. His only unusual ability is a relatively high tolerance to physical blows, due to both damaged nerve endings and the metal plates in his head. Dave has a good heart and he is a nice guy. He is very loyal guy.

Unlike his comic book counterpart, Dave/Kick-Ass is less cowardly in the film version, as he openly shows courage on multiple occasions. First with when he saves the bystander from an attacking gang outside the Dip and Slip Donuts diner, and a second time when Dave fights off Chris D'Amico, and his father from Hit-Girl.

Kick-Ass 2

Dave's overall demeanor and character have remained relatively unchanged from Kick-Ass (2010).

Skills and Abilities[]

"Had I ever been a real superhero? The most I'd ever had to offer the world was good intentions and a slightly elevated capacity to take a kicking. With no power comes no responsibility. Except that wasn't true."
  • Enhanced Durability/High Pain Tolerance: The first time that Dave suits up, he is beaten within an inch of his life by two muggers and gets run over. This leads to him taking a trip to the infirmary (with metal plates and braces implanted in several areas of his body along with damaged nerve endings, leading him to compare himself to Wolverine), giving him the ability to take more pain than usual. When Dave gets into his first real fight, he is able to hold off a gang of thugs and protect an innocent man, after falling from a billboard and hitting the ground without any exclamation of pain. During the fight, he received numerous blows but he persisted, even after having a garbage can slammed on his back. In school, his friends referred to him as Jason Bourne after testing his threshold for pain, by punching him and even hitting him with a metal lunch tray, to which he exhibited no reaction other than annoyance. However, he was hurt when Katie sprayed him in the eyes with her hairspray. He also survived the beating he received from Frank D'Amico's men, but he still admitted it hurt. In the second film, Dave merely groaned when Mindy shot him with in the chest with a handgun, albeit he was wearing a vest. However, he only expressed fear when she shot him in the back with a much heavier caliber revolver. He exhibited only minor pain during training with Mindy, every day for three weeks, although he stated "it hurt like hell," but his tolerance seems to have increased as he only groaned in slight pain when a gang of thugs kicked him while he was down. Even though he thought he had a broken rib, he was able to move with no perceivable difficulty.
  • Weaponry and Gadgets: Dave later learns how to use a Jet-Pack with Gatling guns to save Hit Girl from D'Amico thugs & when Dave fights Chris he uses a broken nun-chucks to replace his batons, but again just swings them around & the battle ends in a draw until Dave later wakes up. Dave uses a bazooka in the end to save Hit Girl from being killed by Frank. He has some skill with tasers but he's not a master of them, which is demonstrated in his fight with Rasul.

Kick-Ass fighting the Motherfucker

  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: When Dave became Kick-Ass, he had no fighting experience at all and just made two batons to use as weapons, but all he did was swing them around. However, he did receive commendation on his viral video from Hit-Girl. In the second film, Dave's fighting skills really improve when he gets trained by Mindy, as he was able to single-handedly take on a gang of thugs with the upper hand for the majority of the fight (as he even managed to disarm one thug of his knife). He briefly fought against two men trying to make a viral video, but he had to be saved by Doctor Gravity so the two could defeat them. Chris feared Dave's fighting capabilities to the extent that he desired to be trained by a professional MMA fighter in order to kill him with his bare hands. He received further training from Colonel Stars and Stripes on how to properly strike. This allowed him to take on a room of Chinese gangsters alongside Justice Forever, and received commendation from the Colonel. Dave gets buff, becomes an expert in hand-to-hand combat and a pro at using his batons. He is easily capable of beating The Mother Fucker in any class of fighting. His expertise is quite impressive, although he has a lot to learn before competing with Hit-Girl.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Dave as Kick-Ass

  • Kick-Ass suit: Dave's Kick-Ass suit is what he wears to go out fighting crime as Kick-Ass. The suit is a green scuba-suit with a yellow trim, yellow gloves, and yellow boots. The suit also has a baton holster added onto the back so Dave can hold his Batons.
  • Batons: Kick-Ass' main weapons are two batons, which are two metal poles wrapped in dark green bicycle handlebar tape with two straps taped onto them so Kick-Ass can hold them without accidentally letting go of them.
  • Taser: As well as a pair of batons, Dave also has a small taser which he keeps in between his batons. He is also seen using the taser to electrocute Rasul.
  • Jet-Pack: At the end of the first film he is seen using a jetpack with gatling guns, and also seen using Big Daddy's bazooka to kill Frank D'Amico.
  • Upgraded Armor: At the end of the second film, he dons Big Daddy's armor to upgrade himself to help fight in the battle against the Mother Fucker, whereas in the comics he has no armor but instead upgrades his batons by putting nails in them.


Friends and Allies[]



  • Canon (2 films)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Johnson said that Kick-Ass is a "sensitive guy" who lost his mother and is a "nobody" at school, so he creates his superhero identity "as this whole different persona." Johnson said that Dave is "a kid who’s got the guts to go out there and do something different."
  • In preparation for the role, Johnson received fitness and stunt training, and did a couple of weeks of doing fight choreography. He also requires a dialect coach for the American accent to suit the character.


  • In the first film, Kick-Ass guns down several of Frank D'Amico's thugs with gatling guns and blasts D'Amico himself with a bazooka to save Hit-Girl. In the comics, Kick-Ass does kill only 2 people, a corrupt cop while saving Hit-Girl and a criminal.
  • In the film version of Kick-Ass, Dave's house number is shown to be "32".
  • Dave has a slightly higher capacity to take a beating because of "fucked up nerve endings" and metal plates from his accident in Kick-Ass (2010).
  • From Kick-Ass 2, Dave appears to have a fondness for Mindy, as he explicity expresses throughout the movie. He thinks Mindy is, smart, beautiful, funny, and stronger than anyone he knows. 
  • In Kick-Ass 2, Dave and the members of Justice Forever along with more superheroes he wears his suit along with Big Daddy's armor and a yellow belt with his initials K.A.
  • At the end of the film Dave is now Buff and he is making a new costume with a helmet and amor meaning that he will have a Iron-Man type suit except Red and Gold it is Green and Yellow.
  • The nature of Dave's age and his grade are unknown and are disproportionate to Mindy's age. Mindy has entered highschool in Kick-Ass 2 (2013) implying she is 15 years old, also directly stated in movie. While Dave's age was 16 in Kick-Ass (2010), the movie is set 2 years after the events of Kick-Ass (2010) as stated by the news reporter at the start of the film, "...In the two years since the first ordinary citizens donned capes and masks, the movement has started to spread. Making Dave 18 in Kick-Ass 2 (2013), and Mindy just turned 13 in Kick-Ass (2010) as her birthday had just been and she appears too young to have turned 14 as well as the fact that in Kick-Ass 2 (2013) it was said that she was in 9th grade and Marcus saying she just started highschool. Making both Dave and Mindy in highschool with Dave as a senior in Grade 12, aged 18, and Hit-Girl as a freshman, aged 15. To summarise, in Kick-Ass (2010) Dave has to be 16, a sophomore, because 2 years later, Kick-Ass 2 (2013), he is in his final year of highschool. Mindy in Kick-Ass (2010) has just turned 13 and 2 years later in Kick-Ass 2 (2013) is "...just starting highschool." making her 15, a freshman
  • Kick-Ass was not in fact the first superhero, Big-Daddy was, it is arguable that Kick-Ass is the first public superhero, as Big-Daddy's actions and targets were all done covertly.
  • Dave is Mindy's first kiss, and crush.
  • Dave's actor, Aaron Johnson, also played the Marvel superhero Quicksilver in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He also be played Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. His Kick-Ass co-star Evan Peters also played Quicksilver in X-Men Days of Future Past.
  • He is right-handed.


  • "My only superpower was being invisible to girls."
  • "In the world I lived in superheroes only existed in comic books, I guess that would have been okay, if bad guys were make believe too, but they're not."
  • "You're Hit-Girl, whether's makeup or a mask, it's who you really are."
  • "You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you're funny, and you’re the strongest person I’ve ever met, you can do anything."