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Katie Deauxma
General Information
Real name: Katherine Deauxma
First Appearance: Kick-Ass #1
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
"You watched my dad drop us off. The guy on the door said you've been hanging around for three goddamn hours."
―Katie Deauxma[src]

Katherine "Katie" Deauxma is a classmate and a the former longtime crush of Dave Lizewski.


Katie deeply resents Dave and considers him to be a loser and a stalker. However, she develops a soft spot for him when she believes that he is gay (due to rumors after he was found naked and beaten), and adopts him as her "gay boy friend". But when Dave tells her the truth at school and declares his love for her in front of the other students she is furious with him, getting her current boyfriend to beat him up. Later that evening she sends Dave a picture of herself giving her boyfriend a blowjob to pour salt on the wound. This is portrayed differently in the film where Katie forgives Dave for lying and begins going out with him.

Later on, Katie is confronted by The Mother Fucker after he breaks into her house and murders her father. He tells her to send a message to Kick-Ass, although she denies knowing who he is. The Mother Fucker then proceeds to rape Katie. Leaving her hospitalized in a state of coma.


Katie is shown to be a cruel, snobbish, ruthless and spoiled short-tempered girl.

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  • One of the more controversial elements of the Kick-Ass franchise is when she is brutally raped by MotherF*cker's gang in Kick-Ass 2 the comic series. In the film adaption, this scene is replaced when the Toxic Mega Cunts attack Night Bitch's house instead. Instead of raping her, the MotherFucker fails to get it up, and has Night Bitch brutally beaten instead.