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Kathleen Macready
Kathleen Macready.jpg
General Information
Real name: Kathleen Macready
Aliases: Mrs. Macready
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Damon Macready

Mindy Macready

Portrayed by: N/A
Status: Deceased
Appearances: Kick-Ass (2010)

Kathleen is the mother of Hit-Girl, and wife of NYPD Officer Damon Macready.


She died during child birth due to complications, while her husband was in prison for crimes he did not commit. She served as the catalyst for Damon's vengeance on the D'Amico crime family, and ultimately the realization of his alter ego Big Daddy. This in turn caused the events in Kick-Ass, which sparked the war between Kick-Ass, and Red Mist.