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Justice Forever
Justice Forever.jpg
General Information
Founder(s): Colonel Stars
Lieutenant Stripes
Leader(s): Colonel Stars (formerly)
Lieutenant Stripes (formerly)
Status: Inactive
Base of Operations: New York City

"We protect the people when the system fails. Catch the guys the cops let get away. That's what all the computers are for: To track down miscarriages of justice. That's what all these clippings are on the wall: Punks we need to pay a little visit."
―Colonel Stars[src]

Justice Forever is a crime-fighting team that was inspired by Kick-Ass. They patrol the streets of New York City, keeping innocent civilians safe from criminals.


The founders of the superhero group were Colonel Stars and his brother Lieutenant Stripes (former mobsters for John Genovese). They felt bad about being mobsters and decided to change their lives for good.


In Other Media[]



  • Their logo is different in the Movie and the Comic Book, in the comic book it's the American flag with Justice Forever written in joined up letters, while in the movie it's a round symbol, with a blue ring and white stars on it, and red and white stripes. It also has a blue upside down triangle with the teams initials (JF) in the middle.
  • Instead of having actual powers, some of the members of Justice Forever have props and names to match the power they presumably would want to have. For example, Insect Man, Doctor Gravity, and Rocket Man.
  • Hit-girl never officially joined Justice Forever nor partcipating their daily work. Despite providing them with venue, arsenal and budget left by Big Daddy and herself. But both Kick-Ass and Colonel Stars believe she is most capable in the brutal showdown (which was proven true after stars' death) and consider her part of the team.