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General Information
Real name: Javier
Alignment: Neutral
Characteristics: Calm, quiet, serious,
Portrayed by: John Leguizamo
Status: Deceased
Appearances: Kick-Ass 2
"Mother Russia and Motherfucker on the same team? That doesn't work Chris."

Javier is one of The Motherfucker's bodyguards who appears in Kick-Ass 2.


Kick-Ass 2[]

Javier originally worked as Frank D'Amico's servant but when he died, he became Angie D'Amico's bodyguard. When Angie was accidently killed by Chris D'Amico, Javier's continued to look after Chris out of loyalty to the D'Amico family. Javier helped Chris D'Amico form his identity as "The Motherfucker" by organizing all his trips and connections with hired hitmen, and trained assasins. Chris mentioned he is the only family left, after the death of his parents, despite this connection he had with Chris, he was ultimately killed during his visit to Ralph D'Amico in prison. His throat was slit by one of Ralph's men, while sitting inside the parked car. He was on the phone with Chris whom was visiting his uncle in his prison cell at the time. The slaughter was a demonstration of "true" evil described by Ralph, to his nephew, which acted as the tipping point for Chris to adopt a more ruthless killing style. 



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