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James Lizewski
General Information
Real name: James "Jimmy" Lizewski
First Appearance: Kick-Ass #1 - April, 2008
Created by: Mark Millar

John Romita, Jr.

Affiliations: Lizewski Family

James Lizewski (b. 17 Jan 1962; d. 21 Oct 2011) was the single father of Dave Lizewski.



After his wife died, Mr. Lizewski was too in love with her to marry another woman. Instead, he tended to his son Dave and fed him chili, the only meal he knew how to make, every night before he left for his 10 PM shift. He had died of someone. He was a good man.

One night when he leaves for work, Dave puts on a scuba suit and attempts to be a super-hero, he ends up getting stabbed and then run over. Dave had taken off his suit before the paramedics found him, so when Mr. Lizwewski arrives at the hospital he believes that Dave had been mugged. After nine months, Mr. Lizewski gets his son back from the hospital and Dave goes back to super-heroing as Kick-Ass, unbeknownst to his father. In the meantime he tries online dating and meets Lucille and they begin dating.


A little while later, Jimmy's been dumped by Lucille and he returns to his old self, feeding his son chili. He noticed that Dave has been sleepy lately and had heard from one his neighbors that she heard him sneak into their house at 4 AM. He confronts Dave about this and asks if he is doing drugs and Dave tells him no. He doesn't believe him and searches Dave's room where he finds Dave's Kick-Ass costume. When Dave gets home the two have an argument and Dave tells him he doesn't want to end up like him, takes his suit, and storms out.


When Chris Genovese leads his gang on a massacre, the police decide to round up every person wearing a cape in New York. Following the IP address, the police show up to arrest Kick-Ass and Dave's father tells them that he is Kick-Ass and is taken to prison. Dave later visits him in prison and asks why he did this and he tells him that he couldn't allow his son to go to prison. He also makes Dave promise never to put on a costume again and tells him not to worry, that he can handle himself inside. That night, while Mr. Lizewski is watching TV in the prison cafeteria, Chris Genovese's men beat him and hang him. They take a picture and text it to Kick-Ass.


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