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David Keers/Insect Man
General Information
Real name: David Jackson Keers
Aliases: Insect Man
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Justice Forever
Portrayed by: Robert Emms
Appearances: Kick-Ass 2

Insect Man is a costumed hero and a member of the Justice Forever team.


When he was younger, Insect Man was bullied because of the fact that he is gay. Ultimately, he decided to stand up for the defenseless. Unlike most superheroes, he doesn't wear a mask because he feels it is too much like going 'back into the closet.'



  • Canon (1 film)



  • Unlike his comic counterpart, he doesn't wear a mask. Instead, he reveals his real face. His costume is red with black webbing instead of black with white webbing, like in the comics. Also, he is not a former police officer like his comic counterpart is.
  • Insect Man is the first gay superhero in the film series.
  • The reason he doesn't wear a mask is because his whole life he was bullied for being gay, and he thinks that wearing a mask is too much like being 'back in the closet'. This is similar to real-life superhero known as Zimmer.
  • Also his weapon has changed to two electric taser batons instead of a bat.
  • In the viral video that he appeared in with Battle Guy, he says that he was a cop instead of being gay.