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Hit-Girl Vol 1 #1
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General Information
Series: Hit-Girl Vol 1
Issue Number: 1
First Published: June 26, 2012
Previous Issue: Kick-Ass
Next Issue: Hit-Girl #2
"Daddy, you taught me how blind a man with my thumbs, build a bomb with the contents of a kitchen cabinet, and skin a wolf with my bare hands. I've shot people, choked people, even drowned a motherfucker...why can't I handle these bitches?"
―Mindy Macready[src]


"Previously: Mindy McCready has hung up her cape and is Hit-Girl no more...or so she says."

In a junkyard, four mobsters beat a costumed vigilante calling himself the Silver Beetle for information about Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl; when they realize that the kid knows nothing, they execute him.

At Mindy McCready's new home, Marcus Williams watches a news broadcast concerning the Silver Beetle murder, which is the second such killing, prompting a response from "a spokesman for the Real-Life Superhero movement. Upstairs, Mindy's mother wakes her for school; Mindy considers the differences between her life being trained as a superhero by her father and her life now. At the busstop, she is mocked by a classmate for her clothing, but muses to herself that she will "get to be Hit-Girl again" that night.

At school, Mindy discusses her plans to suit up again with Dave, claiming that John Genovese's brother "Ralphie's seized control" of the Genovese crime family, which he runs "entirely from his jail cell." Mindy then overhears Debbie mocking her and leaves the cafeteria.

Mindy later visits her father's grave and laments that even with all of her superhero training, she doesn't know how to handle Debbie.

In his cell at Rykers Island, Ralphie Genovese instructs his crew to find Kick-Ass and to locate his nephew before being served a lavish dinner by himself in the cafeteria.

On his way to Hit-Girl's safe house C, Kick-Ass is accosted by a homeless man who badgers him for money. When he arrives at the safe house, Hit-Girl rebukes him for wearing a scarf and a coat over his costume; she then gives him a tour of the facility, explaining that the equipment was purchased "with the money [they] liberated from pimps and pushers over the years." They discuss Big Daddy before Hit-Girl agrees to train Kick-Ass as she was trained in exchange for him teaching her "how to be normal." Dave agrees, and is "officially sworn in as [Hit-Girl's] sidekick."

At Red Mist's old boathouse in upstate New York, Chris visits his mother in costume, informing her that he has come to "pick up [his] comics" and that he has become "the first of the new breed" of criminals: "a super-villain." He swears to "avenge Daddy's death" before taking over the family business as his father's heir, and explains that he plans "to commit the first super-crime."


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  • Hit-Girl Vol 1 outsold the Kick-Ass series, selling out of both 1st and 2nd print runs. 


  • Hit-Girl Vol 1