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Genghis Carnage was a villain introduced in Kick-Ass 2 (2013) film. He works with The Motherfucker, and the Toxic Mega Cunts


He was a former Triad looking for work. Chris hires him and names him Genghis Carnage, which Javier also suggests is incredibly racist. He is impressed with Mother Russia's skills whilst watching her with Black Death while she massacred all the cops at the neighborhood that Night Bitch lives on. He and The Tumor, along with some other henchmen, attack the funeral for James Lizewski with grenade launchers, and kidnapped Dave and bring him inside a van. Hit-Girl kills Genghis Carnage as he's about to presumably gut Dave with a knife, by shooting him in the head from outside the van and proceeds to kill all the other henchmen and rescues Dave.

Personallity Traits[]

Violent, sadistic and psychotic, he loves money, violence, and instilling fear into his enemies. As it's shown toward Dave, he'll cut open his victims and seriously enjoys his new job of being a supervillain. 




  • Genghis is the first Chinese gang member turn supervillain.
  • He replaces one of the teenagers for the Toxic Mega-Cunts.  
  • Genghis Carnage's costume is similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villain, Shredder's armor, lacking the spikes.
  • Chris gave him the name " Genghis Carnage" in the film despite what Javier says about racist names.
  • He's based on two villains, the first is Genghis Khan and second is Spider-Man's villain Carnage. His personallity is similar towards Carnage and possibly would've have been Insect Man's archnemisis if he wasn't killed by Hit-Girl


Genghis Carnage's poster

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