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Erika Cho
General Information
Real name: Erika Cho
Portrayed by: Sophie Wu
Status: Alive
Appearances: Kick-Ass , Kick-Ass 2 (film)

Erika Cho is Katie Deauxma's best friend and Marty Eisenberg's girlfriend.


Kick-Ass   Erika is best friends with Katie Deauxma and the two often hang out together, both at school and at the same comic book store that Dave Lizewski and his friends Todd Haynes and Marty Eisenberg hang out. She and Marty become close after he attempts to "convert" her into a comic book reader and they eventually begin dating.

Kick-Ass 2 

She later made a cameo appearance in Kick-Ass 2, she is seen when Katie breaks up with Dave after she accuses him of cheating on her with Mindy.

Since Dave and Katie broke up, it is unknown if she is still together with Marty or if they also broke up.