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A female German Shepherd owned by the enforcer-turned-superhero, Colonel Stars and Stripes, she was later named "Eisenhower" and became a mascot for Justice Forever


Kick-Ass 2[]

Eisenhower is adopted by a man called Sal Bertolinni, who became Colonel Stars and Stripes, and goes as his "superdog" during missions and patrols. She is shown to be friendly among fellow Justice Forever members and aggressive among enemies to the Colonel. 

She joins Justice Forever when they go to attack a mobsters' house. She helps them by torturing the lead mobster Jimmy Kim by biting on his testicles.

Later on, the Colonel is folding out the Justice Forever Logo on the table, she sees something and tries to warn the Colonel by barking, but instead she is locked in her cage. She watches as the Colonel is killed right in front of her by the Toxic Mega Cunts. Mother Russia asks her leader the Mother Fucker if he wanted her to kill Eisenhower, but the Mother Fucker scolds Mother Russia, claiming he is not evil enough to kill a dog, sparing her life. It's unknown what happened to her after that.

In a deleted scene, in the final fight against Toxic Mega CuntsNight Bitch starts off the battle by yelling "Schwanz!", making Eisenhower run towards Chris D'Amico to bite his crotch. The scene was ultimately deleted due to the film's timing and can only be seen in deleted scenes. 


  • She is the comic counterpart of Sophia.
  • Eisenhower is the pet that is owned by a real-life superhero in the film series.
  • Her trigger word is "Schwanz" which means "tail" or "penis", which is the reason she'll bite under that command word and bite down on a criminal's crouch.
  • Her costume is a dog multi-cam patterned K-9 military vest and an American flag mask.
  • She is named after American president Eisenhower.
  • In an Extended Scene in the movie, it's revealed that her real name is Sophia, and that Eisenhower is her superhero name.
  • Her fate is different in the movie, in the comic she is killed by the Mother Fucker and her head is placed over Colonel Stars's head as a mask, in the movie her life is spared and she aids Kick-Ass in the final battle by helping him initiate the fight.
  • In a deleted scene, Eisenhower is called upon by Night Bitch to break the stand off between Kick-Ass and the Mother-Fucker via the Schwanz command.  Eisenhower delivered the groin bite right before Kick-Ass punched Mother-Fucker in the face.