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Eddie Lomas
General Information
Real name: Eddie Lomas
First Appearance: Kick-Ass #3
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
"You walk in here like you're John fuckin' Wayne tellin' me what to do? Well, fuck you, prick! I can call, talk to or fuck that bitch anytime I like. Now...what you gotta say to that?"
―Eddie Lomas[src]

Eddie Lomas was a drug-dealer operating in New York City.

He was killed by Hit-Girl along with the rest of his crew during a confrontation with the costumed vigilante Kick-Ass.

Oddly enough, he was also playing an unnamed Spyro The Dragon game before his confrontation with Kick-Ass according to his bouncer, but when the TV is shown on panel there is no actual design seen resembling any of the Spyro games but there is a controller parodying a Playstation Dualshock.


In Other Media[]


  • In the 2010 film, Eddie was replaced with the character of Rasul