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Just a friendly reminder to newcomers that we welcome any contributions you can make, our site has had an overload of users recently but we've had a short supply of contributors, despite the rising popularity of Kick-Ass. This is most likely due to the 2nd film. It might die down, however I'm pretty determined to get major parts of the site up and running, such as the film synopsis, and the character pages. I will protect any pages, that endure any frequent vandalism, such as the Hit-Girl page, or Kick-Ass. But here are handful of rules or friendly encouragement/reminders when editing.

1. Use an Offline Word Processor like Microsoft Word. Spellcheck corrects any obvious spelling mistakes that you make, faster, and more easily. Just copy and paste your final product into whatever section, it also encourages you to do a complete composition, rather than a single line.

2. Try not to upload doubles of photos. Self-explanatory, but not a big deal, also don't upload anything with extreme nudity, or profanity, that is not permitted on this site. 

3. Obey Copyright laws. For instance, Don't upload a link to the movie onto the videos. If you want to watch it. Pay for it. Support their work. Bonus Behind the Scenes videos, may or may not apply. Full Copies of the comics, movies, or any original creative work is strictly prohibited unless creator gives right to do so. 

4. Quality > Quantity. Don't rush an edit because you're soo passionate about contributing, slow down, and take your time. 1 Good well written paragraph is better than 5 horribly rushed written pages.. 

5. Respect other users. Self-explanatory, respect your follow man. We're all in this together. Do cussing, or profane language directed towards users or people who were part of the franchise. 

6. Please use credible sources. Please try and source the information you write in page content at the bottom of the page. Please use official sources such as directly from the Film, or Comic series, or interviews from Actors, Writers, and the Makers of Kick-Ass. Youtube videos are fine as long as they feature individuals whom were part of production. 

7. R-Rated Content. Any swearing, profane language, and sexualized words, such as "Fuck", or "Cunt" must be used in context, related to the movie, film, comics or potentially quoting a character in the franchise. Do not use this language outside of written context, it is an instant ban if these words are used directly or inappropriately. Kick-Ass is an R-rated film, so it is unavoidable to use these words when citing dialogue, however outside of that, there is no excuse. You must stay polite and professional. 

SilentAltruist (talk) 00:25, August 20, 2013 (UTC)\